The camp was founded by people who wanted to run & attend a local camp that had workshops & catering & was open to all irrespective of race, political persuasion or gender. The camp aims to be as inclusive as possible.
Booking is essential as places are limited on the site that we use. This, it is hoped, creates a more friendly intimate atmosphere
For more information email:nottmgoddesscamp@gmail.com
Nottingham Goddess Camp is located at Bestwood Country Park Nottingham & is now in its 22nd year. The main aim of the camp is to provide a reasonably priced camp that is open to all. The intention of the camp is to build understanding, experience and expression of paganism in the local community, for beginners as well as those more experienced.We will honour, respect and celebrate the Earth, ourselves and the spirit of life which we call the Goddess. We will do this through healing, festivity, dancing, singing, creativity, craft working, path working, fun, learning and sharing.